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1. I have been a victim of identity theft, what do I do?
2. I need child support. Can you help me?
3. I want a divorce, I want to sue someone, or I want to adopt a child. Can the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office help me?
4. Does the Snohomish County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office provide copies of police reports?
5. Can I talk to the elected Prosecuting Attorney? I think that's the person who is working on my case.
6. Where do I report for jury duty?
7. Where can I get free or low cost legal advice?
8. I reported an incident to the County Sheriff's Office and they told me it was a civil problem. Who do I contact to resolve the issue?
9. Will you enforce a parenting plan that my ex-husband is violating since it was entered in your County Superior Court?
10. How do I post bail for someone?
11. What is the difference between a felony and a misdemeanor?
12. Can you tell me what my son / daughter was arrested for?
13. I’m a property owner, where should I go for information about evicting my tenants?
14. My landlord is threatening to evict me, what can I do?
15. I bought a used car and it doesn’t work right, now what?
16. How do I get my driving license back after a suspension?
17. What if I have a question which is not answered here?