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1. Am I eligible to seal my records?
2. How do I start the process of sealing my records?
3. How can I get a print-out of my criminal history?
4. How can I put money on my child’s account so he/she can call me from detention?
5. How do I file a parenting plan with the court?
6. How do I get my driver’s license re-instated?
7. How do I get rid of my warrant?
8. How do I obtain a restraining, anti-harassment or protection order?
9. How do I re-instate my right to bear arms?
10. I am having difficulty getting my child back into school. How do I get help getting my child back into school?
11. I posted bail for my child quite some time ago. How do I get my bail money back?
12. When I was a teenager, I got into some legal trouble and had my records sealed. Now I've been turned down for a job because of my record. Why weren't my records sealed?