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1. What is direct deposit?
2. Who can participate?
3. Can I deposit my check in any bank?
4. Can I have a portion, either a fixed dollar amount or a percentage, of my net pay deposited into any bank?
5. When can I access the money deposited into my account?
6. How will I know how much will be deposited to my account?
7. How can I be assured unauthorized charges will not be made against my account?
8. How do I sign up?
9. How soon will my direct deposits begin?
10. Can I call the Payroll Division, my bank, or my credit union to make changes to my deposit authorization?
11. Am I required to sign up for direct deposit?
12. Can I have a fixed dollar amount or a percentage of my pay go to a bank and the remainder of my net pay issued to me as a check?
13. If I already have a set amount going to my savings account at SnoCope Credit Union, can I have the remainder of my check deposited to another financial institution?
14. The form indicates “Savings” only for SnoCope; will it go to my checking account?
15. Can I have my pay deposited to a savings account or must it be a checking account?
16. What if I want to cancel my direct deposit?
17. What happens if I move my account to another bank or my bank changes my account number?
18. Will my bank charge me for this service?
19. When I separate from employment, will my paycheck be deposited?