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Kayak Point Golf Course

Updated 9/1/2020

Similar to the prior three (3) operators of the Kayak Point Golf Course property, Disc Golf Resorts, aka Chainbangers, applied and received a permit to sell alcohol via the State Liquor and Cannabis Board.

270 Acres located only 12 miles from City of Marysville. 

This property was acquired from Atlantic Richfield in 1972 with the rest of Kayak Point Regional Park. 

 As of 2/25/2019

Why did the golf course close? 

Access Golf ended their operation at Kayak Point Golf Course on October 21, 2019.  Access Golf could no longer meet its contractual obligations of paying Snohomish County a flat fee of $90,000 per year in addition to the Surface Water Management Fees (SWM), 5% admission tax, and lease hold excise tax, etc. Snohomish County renegotiated the flat fee in 2017 for 2018 from $170,000 to $90,000 with the hope that Access Golf could continue to finically afford to operate the golf course with a lesser flat fee.

Why the county cannot subsidize golf? 

Unlike cities that can choose to subsidize the cost of a government owned golf course, Snohomish County does not have the financial ability to do so. In 2017, the City of Bothell purchased the Wayne Golf Course and discontinued golf there while offering a passive use park, public parking, and off leash dogs instead. The City of Everett, with their budget shortfall, indicated recently they are re-considering whether to continue to subsidize golf at Legion and Walter Hall Golf Courses. 

Why the county went out for an RFP?

The RFP for the Kayak Point Golf Course property went live to the general public on 9/17/18 – 11/1/18 through the County’s purchasing website and via a widespread press release. The RFP also went out to a national golf operator’s publication, over 60 interested or potentially interested vendors and neighbors, was on the front page of The Everett Herald and covered by The Seattle Times. Informative emails to concerned neighbors and park advocates went out from 9/17/18 - 11/1/18. All of these things happened in the hope we would attract golf course operators and/or a vendor interested in utilizing the 270 acre golf course property for other outdoor or indoor activities and events. 

 What were the results of the RFP? 

We received three (3) written proposals. One from a California company that wanted Snohomish County to pay them an annual fee of $45,000 plus $1500 per month for accounting services, lease fifty (50) golf carts, and purchase, maintain, and repair other golf carts and all maintenance equipment. The second proposal received was from a local golf course operator of one golf course. The third proposal was from a disc golf operator. We asked the second and third proposers to present their business plan and strategy to the RFP Evaluation Committee and to the Snohomish County Parks, Recreation & Tourism Director. The Parks Director determined that neither standalone proposals were finically sustainable but did like several components of their proposals related to upgrading the restaurant, offering special events, and outdoor activities, etc. 

Will any change affect surrounding property values? 

The change shouldn’t affect the surrounding property values even if the property is utilized as a public park. Property values around the nation have shown to increase 20% or more when near or adjacent to a public park. 

What is the future of this property? 

We are hoping with the next RFP to attract proposals from vendors interested in upgrading and improving the restaurant, scheduling or providing space for weddings, receptions, and other outdoor activities such as disc golf, cyclo-cross, equestrian events, etc. 

What is the next step in the process?

The next RFP is currently scheduled to go out on or near February 22, 2019. 

Will a change to the property need to go to a vote of the Council?

Parks will conduct at least one public meeting with the neighbors at the golf course club house and invite comments to the county council when a determination(s) has been made for the short or long term plans for the property.