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Parking and Traffic Complaints

  1. Type of Parking or Traffic Problem*
    The following items marked with an asterisk (*) are required for the Snohomish County Sheriff's Office to properly investigate.
  2. The Sheriff's Office will only enforce violations within our jurisdiction. Click on "Jurisdiction Look-up" to determine if the address is within the Sheriff's Office jurisdiction.
  3. Day and Time of Violations
    REMEMBER: If this incident is occurring NOW, call 911!
  4. Day(s) of Violation(s)*
    Check all that apply
  5. Time(s) of Violation(s)
    Check all that apply
  6. List the Vehicle Year, Make, Model, License Number, Color and Description for ALL vehicles.
  7. Contact information
    Your name and one current phone number is required so we can follow-up with you.
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