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Application - Special Event

  1. Summary


    Event Organizers or large groups may request the reservation of park space up to nine months before event date. Submittal however, is not a guarantee facilities will be available.  Applications will be processed in the order they are received.  Upon review, you  will be contacted by Parks Staff informing you that your request was tentatively approved (Pending) or denied.  Deposit or payment in full  (if under $500) is due within seven days of notification.  Permits remain "Pending" until all required documents and payments are received. Be aware:  Once payment is made, customer-requested cancellations are subject to cancellation fees.

  2. Enter 1st day if more than one

  4.  Sole proprietorship. Partnership. Corporation. S corporation. Limited liability company

  6. In which park or trail will your hosting your event.  Provide details in the Description section below.

  7. Trails

    If your event occurs on a County Trail and participants will be crossing vehicle traffic at an intersection, an additional and separate "Right of Way Permit" will be required.  Find more information HERE

  8. Park Resources

    Please select park resources needed for your event.  Check all that apply. Provide details in the Description of Event section.

  9. To evaluate impact on the park, attach a map or diagram which shows the layout and/or location of your event.  This should include placement and number of any booths/canopies, food trucks, portable toilets, aid station, canopies, and/or other structures.  Refer to park webpages or Google Maps to obtain/screenshot a map (which you can annotate).  Contact 425-388-6644 for assistance.

  10. Recurring Events

    For recurring events, please provide the specific dates or intervals in the Description of Event  section.

  11. Include set up time

  12. Include break-down time

  13. Number of days guests or participants will attend

  14. (per day)

  15. Public or Private?*

    *Subject to Admissions Tax per S.C.C. 4.23

  16. A private event is one in which you have a specified guest list and you know who is attending

  17. A public event is one to which the general public is invited through word-of-mouth, flyers, or media advertising

  18. Event Components (check all that apply)*
  19. **Portable restroom requirements based upon attendance.  MUST PROVIDE YOUR OWN

    Additional permitting and insurance may be required

    Sorry, bounce houses/inflatables are no longer allowed in County parks

  20. Please include any special requests or relevant additional information that Park Staff should be aware of. Ex: Food trucks, temporary structures, bands/entertainment, special access.

  21. Please enter the registration/participation/admission fee(s).  Enter N/A if no fees are charged.

  22. Insurance and Endorsement Requirements

    Special Events are required to have liability insurance. Snohomish County must be named as an additional insured in any and all policies. The amount of liability coverage will be determined by the activities as detailed in this application form. Insurance must be evidenced on an Accord 25 form and additional insured endorsement (Cg 2026 or equivalent) and submitted 2 weeks before event setup date for review. “Snohomish County, its officers, elected officials, agents and employees” are to be covered as additional insured. The User shall maintain limits no less than, General Liability: $1,000,000 per occurrence for bodily injury, personal injury and property damage, and for those policies with aggregate limits, a $2,000,000 aggregate limit. CG 00 01 current edition, including Products and Completed Operations and Participant Liability, if appropriate, unless otherwise approved by County Risk Management. If Event Operations include the use of a vehicle on County property, Automobile Liability: $1,000,000 combined single limit per accident for bodily injury and property damage.

  23. Insurance Acknowledgement*
  24. By entering my name on this document, I take full responsibility for the truthfulness and accuracy of the information provided on this document. I have read and agree to the terms and conditions outlined and I will follow Snohomish County Park rules, policies, and requirements, at all times, for this event. I am aware that this application is a public document that may be inspected or copied.

  25. Confirmation of Understanding*

         - Submitting this application does not guarantee a park reservation

         - Unless previously agreed upon, payment or deposit is due within 7 days of receipt of Pending permit

         - Permit is not Approved until all documents and/or payments are received

         - Cancellations are subject to fees

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