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2020 Music in the Park Musical Performance Application

  1. Group/Act/ Business Name

  2. Category of Entertainment*

    Your act must be family-oriented and appropriate for all ages. Please select all categories that apply to your act.

  3. Performance Availability*

    Please check all dates you are available to preform

  4. NOTE: The performer is required to provide their own professional sound system and sound engineer. Performance must be 1.5 hours long.

  5. Do you plan to sell merchandise?

    Prior approval by Parks Management is required for all artist merchandise sales. The County does not keep a % of sales. If hired, the Booking Manager will discuss any stipulations and the rules will be in the agreement with the County.

  6. Please provide link to your website, Facebook or Electronic Press Kit

  7. If you would like to upload your current promo packet which includes photo, link to video of live performance, current performance calendar and any other relative information.

  8. Please feel free to supply any additional information you think may help make your group’s performance at Music in the Park a more successful event.

  9. By typing your name in this box you agree to abide by the rules and regulations stipulated in the actual agreement should you be hired to perform family entertainment at Music in the Park. All bookings will be at the discretion of Snohomish County Parks, Recreation and Tourism.

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