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2020 Music in the Park Booth Vendor Application

  1. Group/ Business Name as reads on insurance policy

  2. Vendor Type*

    Your products must be family-oriented and appropriate for all ages. Please select all categories that apply.

  3. Availability*

    Please check all dates you are available to attend Music in the Park. Vendor fee is $25 per night for 10'x10' space or $50 for 10'x20' space. Vendors must be open for business 6:00pm-8:00pm.

  4. A Washington State Unified Business Identifier (UBI) Number is required. Also $1,000,000 general liability with Snohomish County listed as ‘additional insured’ plus an “Additional Insured Endorsement Page” will be required.

  5. Please provide link to your website or Facebook page.

  6. Please feel free to supply any additional information you think may help make your time at Music in the Park a more successful event.

  7. By typing your name in this box you agree to abide by the rules and regulations stipulated in the actual agreement should you be hired to perform family entertainment at Music in the Park. All bookings will be at the discretion of Snohomish County Parks, Recreation and Tourism.

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