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1. What does the County Assessor do?
2. Can you explain how the property tax system works?
3. What are the important dates of the assessment process?
4. What is real property?
5. How is residential property appraised?
6. How is commercial property appraised?
7. Who should I contact for more information about my assessed value?
8. When did the assessor's office change to an annual revaluation cycle?
9. Why did the Assessor's Office change to an annual reevaluation?
10. When was my property last appraised by the Assessor's Office?
11. What is personal property?
12. How is personal property appraised?
13. How often does the Snohomish County Assessor value personal property?
14. What tax relief programs are available?
15. What tax relief programs are available for lower income seniors and disabled persons?
16. I already have a senior citizen or disabled person exemption and my taxable value is "frozen", will the new assessment affect my taxes?
17. How are my taxes calculated?
18. Can I appeal my assessed value?
19. Can I appeal the amount of taxes I will pay or the percentage that my assessment increased or decreased?
20. How much will my taxes increase or decrease in 2023?
21. What percentage of my taxes are voter approved?
22. When will the 2021 sales affect my assessed values and taxes?
23. How do I change the owner, taxpayer, or address information?
24. Where do I find forms, publications, and reports?
25. Does the assessor publish raw data?
26. What kind of services are offered online through the Assessor Department?
27. I recently short platted or divided my property. How do I get a new tax parcel number?
28. I just purchased a lot in a new formal plat / subdivision. When will my new tax parcel number be assigned?
29. Whom should I contact for more information?