I can't find my parcel when I put in the address. Why not?
The property information applications search for the physical or situs address of the property in our database. Common reasons why the address may not be able to be located are:
  • The address does not exist in the property information database.
    • Address is new construction and has not been captured by our office (Addresses are not assigned by the Assessor's office so they do not show up in our system immediately).
    • Address is one of multiple on a single parcel. (Assessor tracks one address per parcel.)
    • Address does not exist within Snohomish County.
    • Address is for vacant land (Assessor does not maintain addresses on vacant land).
  • The address is incorrectly entered in our database or the address tables are not synchronized so that the address is available to the search mechanism.
  • You have entered more data than necessary, entered an incorrect street number, or misspelled the street name.
  • The address in our database may be incorrect due to changes that we were not notified of.
  • In some cases an address may not show up in our database quickly because the information we maintain is only complete for the current tax year. There are cases where a parcel may not be taxable until a future year so our database may not have an address entry until the parcel becomes taxable.

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1. I can't find my parcel when I put in the address. Why not?
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