What is e-service?

E-service is a feature provided by File & Serve where documents are electronically served to other parties in a case. Using this option, you can track when each party who you electronically served received and opened the filing. Please review SCLCR 30 and GR 30 to become familiar with the court rules pertaining to electronic service using File & Serve.

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1. What is e-service?
2. Does opposing counsel have to consent to be e-served?
3. What are Firm Service Contacts?
4. What are Case Service Contacts?
5. What is the Master Service List used for in e-filing?
6. Can I use e-service without filing a document with the court?
7. How do I serve other individuals with my e-filed documents?
8. Does File & Serve send a service notification after a filing is submitted?
9. When is a service notification sent?
10. What should I do if I receive a service notification?