Causes of Typical Format Errors

Format errors are typically caused by the following submissions:

  • Corrupt files (i.e., files with 0 bytes of data).
  • Secured or password-protected PDFs. This includes electronic certificates that prevent a document from being modified. These are typically used on documents containing electronic signatures.
  • File types other than PDF.
  • Files with non-standard image compression. Standard is CCIT; this is usually a scanner setting.
  • A document that has Optical Character Recognition (OCR) associated with it; usually determined by a larger  file size.
  • Any file that experienced an upload issue or time out on the file transfer on behalf of the filing party; usually appearing as an incomplete image or file when opened.
  • A document scan that is in landscape orientation, noticeably off-center, or of an irregular size.
  • Any scan (PDF) that is unreadable or has large black images in the document where pictures may have been.
  • A file that contains an invalid table; usually a result of importing or pasting table data into a word processing application.

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