I am receiving "Format Errors" - what does this mean?

When a filing is not successfully processed and is identified as having a “Format Error,” this means that the filing has one or more document files that are not valid for filing document conversion. The underlying cause of the issue is typically either that the document was not successfully uploaded, or the document has a characteristic that prevents the standard processing of the file.

Tthese types of errors can be minimized if filings comply with a standard format that includes the following:

  • Use 8.5x11-inch paper with portrait orientation.
  • Set the DPI resolution lower than 300.
  • Do not use unintelligible images (i.e., all-black images).
  • Use non-secured document properties (i.e., not password-protected).
  • Remove external references in the documents, such as URLs and shortcuts.

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1. I am receiving "Format Errors" - what does this mean?
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