Has an environmental study been done?

Environmental review by Snohomish County is ongoing. The Stillaguamish Tribe has indicated on their SEPA Checklist that the following environmental information was prepared for the project:  December 22, 2017 Geotechnical Engineering Report, October 2017 Purdy Restoration Site Preliminary Advanced Mitigation Credits Calculation and Monitoring Plan, December 2013 Preliminary Jurisdictional Determination and Wetland Delineation, May 2017 Technical Memorandum, Additional 236th Street NE Improvement Project, July 24, 2017 Archaeological Investigation Report 236th NE Improvement Project, and 018 Biological Evaluation.  Snohomish County received the following environmental information with the current LDA submittal: March 19, 2019 Critical Areas Report update by Cardno, February 13, 2018 Geotechnical Engineering Report by Geotest, November 2019 Drainage and Erosion Control Plan by SCJ Alliance, June 6, 2019 Groundwater Monitoring and Supplemental Explorations Memorandum by Geotest, June 2018 Intersection/Gap Analysis by Gibson Traffic Consultants, Inc., and November 2019 Illumination Design Report by SCJ Alliance.

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1. I have concerns with regards to effect on private dug wells in the vicinity of the project
2. I have concerns about wildlife, water quality, and quantity of receiving tributary to wetland/lake system south of 236th that is a tributary to the Stillaguamish River.
3. Has an environmental study been done?
4. What does de-watering of the stream mean?
5. Who is in charge of making sure the project is constructed to follow environmental laws, engineering practices, and BMP’s?
6. What is the construction timeline?
7. Has there been a traffic study?
8. Are there school bus considerations?
9. Will there be an Endangered Species Act analysis?
10. Are there possible effects of placing underground utilities on a stream flow?
11. Will there be accessibility to and from neighborhoods utilizing 236th Street during construction?