What is a job coach?

A job coach is a professionally trained vocational counselor who is skilled in on-the-job training for people with developmental disabilities as well as workplace support strategies. The job coach is at no cost to employer and is available to provide:

  • Assistance with initial and ongoing training of the supported employee

  • One-on-one and group training for supervisors and coworkers about workplace support strategies for the supported employee

  • Creative self-management tools for the supported employee to increase efficiency

  • Problem-solving and support to workplace and supported employee as needed

The job coach will continue with regularly-scheduled visits with the department and your supported employee to assure that everyone is pleased with the situation. The goal is to have the job coach fade when the supported employee has learned the position and found natural supports from other coworkers.

The job coach remains a resource to you and your employee for the length of your supported employee's employment. This means that if tasks ever change or new coworkers or supervisors need training or if something arises, then the job coach is your resource.

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