What is supported employment?
The Supported Employment Program provides paid, competitive employment opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilities in integrated work settings with appropriate ongoing support from a job coach. The program offers a creative and cost-effective approach to meeting business needs and including people with developmental disabilities in the workforce. Each job is customized by bundling entry-level tasks that match the skills of the supported employment candidates.

Departments at Snohomish County will use the job title Supported Employment-Office Assistant I, which is designated for employees within the Snohomish County Supported Employment Program. This title intentionally has no job description associated with it in order to allow for maximum customization of each position.

Supported Employment candidates are part of the Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA), as defined in RCW 71A.10.020(0). Their participation in DDA is verified through Snohomish County Human Resources and the Human Services Department.

A requirement of the Supported Employment Program is that each supported employee and hiring department work with a job coach. These professionally-trained vocational counselors are sent from local agencies in order to serve the employment-support needs of persons with developmental disabilities. Each job coach assists with the individualized training and long-term supports (at no cost to employers) which allows supported employees to maximize their job performance.

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