Where do I park?

Superior Court and Everett Division: Parking is available free of charge at the Snohomish County Parking Garage located at 3000 Rockefeller Avenue. Place the juror parking permit face up on the vehicle dashboard and enter the garage at Pacific Avenue or Oakes Avenue (see map on your summons). Upon entry into the garage, take a parking ticket from the ticket dispenser and park on levels C, D, E, F, or G. Take the elevator to the plaza level and follow the signs to the courthouse; elevators are located on the south side of the garage. Bring your parking ticket with you to the courthouse for validation in the jury assembly room.
Disabled parking is available on every level next to the elevators on the South side of the garage. A disabled parking permit issued by the State of Washington must visibly be displayed in the vehicle.
Oversized vehicle parking 6 foot 10 inches or higher is limited. Please notify the parking garage at (425) 388-3348 no later then 6 AM prior to reporting for jury duty service to indicate your parking needs. Arrive at the Oakes Avenue entrance and follow directions from the parking attendant. Remove the Juror Badge from your juror summons to bring with you, but leave the juror parking permit face up on the vehicle dashboard. This will let the parking attendant know you are a juror who does not need to pay for parking.
Please do not park on the streets surrounding the courthouse. The city tickets for overtime parking without exception. The court will not assume financial responsibility for parking tickets issued to jurors.

Cascade Division (Arlington): Free parking is available in the parking lots at the courthouse or along Burke Avenue.

Evergreen Division (Monroe): Free parking is available in the parking lots at the courthouse.

South Division (Lynnwood): Free parking is available on the north side of the courthouse.

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