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Whitehorse Trail



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Please note:  trail is designed for hiking, biking, and equestrian use only, no motorized vehicles.

Current Status

Updated 7/06/2020

Construction has been completed and the trail is open to the public from Trafton to just west of 435th Ave NE and from 435th Ave NE to Darrington.  Snohomish County is working to acquire grants to repair the closure west of Trafton as well as working on a trail re-route around the washout at 435th Ave NE.  

Please visit the Project Page for details


Spanning over 27 miles between the City of Arlington and the Town of Darrington, the Whitehorse Regional Trail follows the path of the former BNSF railroad through the North Stillaguamish River Valley. The trail meanders through the valley from its junction with the Centennial Regional Trail in Arlington, frequently paralleling SR 530 and the North Fork Stillaguamish River. The back county corridor, rewards visitors with picturesque, landscape views of forests, farmland, streams and rivers, and mountain vistas. 

There are currently two closures on the Whitehorse trail.  The first is between the Centennial Trail connection and the Trafton Trailhead.  The second is just west of 435th Ave NE near Darrington.  These closures are due to landslides and river washouts.  The remainder of the trail is open to the public and much of the trail has recently been resurfaced with compacted gravel.