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Reiter Foothills Trailhead

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The Reiter Foothills Trailhead, on 429th Ave, will be closed starting mid-August 2021 through the end of the year.  Work will occur in preparation for a timber harvest on the DNR property adjacent to the Lawson/Reiter Hills property.  Parking will be eliminated with eco blocks in place.  Access may re-open after prep-work is completed but will close again once logging operations commence.  

Snohomish County’s Parks and Recreation Department  purchased 8 acres near Wallace Falls State Park in November 2010 to serve as a primary access point to the adjacent Washington State Reiter Foothills Recreation Area.

In coming months, nonprofits and community organizations will work with the county and state Department of Natural Resources to develop a new parking area while increasing access to Reiter Foothill trails from the site.

“This purchase provides increased access to a popular recreation destination as well as new economic opportunities for the cities of Sultan and Gold Bar,” Snohomish County Executive Aaron Reardon said.

Snohomish County Parks is working with Department of Natural Resources (DNR), the Washington State Parks Commission, the Sky Valley Chamber of Commerce, and the cities of Gold Bar and Sultan to promote outdoor recreation as part of East Snohomish County’s economic development plan.

“Sharing resources and partnering in today’s economy makes a lot of sense,” said Debbie Copple, Sky Valley Chamber director and County Parks Advisory Board member. “Bringing these agencies together makes them better stewards of the land and our financial resources."

Purchase price was about $287,000. Funding came from Snohomish County’s Conservation Futures Fund, which can only be used to purchase property or development rights for the preservation of open space, farmland or timber land.

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