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North Creek Park and Water Retention Facility


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  1. Interpretive Boardwalk
  2. Picnic Shelters
  3. Picnic Tables
  4. Playground
  5. Portable Toilet
  6. Viewpoint


This expansive wetland is located in an urban area. The sensitive wildlife habitat and diverse plant community serves multiple functions of flood control. The network of boardwalks and trails provides excellent opportunities for bird watching and appreciating the ecosystem.

**Please keep hands and fingers clear of the boardwalk as there are pinch points.

Caution! Pinch Point: Keep hands and fingers clear. 

Boardwalk Trail

The boardwalk trail is an incredible floating trail comprised of more than 150 sections. This 3/4 mile long walking adventure provides a wonderful opportunity to experience the rich diversity of a wetland environment. It is typical to see and hear hundreds of birds and a variety of other wildlife.

Click Here to view North Creek Park photos of wildlife by Steve Beatty

Park History

The property was originally owned by the Bailey family, historic homesteaders. The county parks department and surface water management targeted the site as a regional stormwater detention facility. The site was later developed with an interpretive boardwalk.

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  1. North Creek Park Shelters

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