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Miner's Corner


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Miner’s Corner is a 13 acre community park developed as the Department's first 100% universally accessible facility.  The park’s focal point is a large accessible playground and nature-play area.  The playground provides diverse opportunities for open ended play that are engaging for children of all ages and abilities.   With a massive lookout tower, the play structure is one of the tallest ramp accessible play features in the world.  The stormwater-fed sand & water garden engages the senses and provides unique opportunities for interaction with water and wildlife.  Numerous paths and play spaces in the woods and along a created intermittent stream emphasize exploration and discovery.

The park’s fully accessible path network is designed to give all users the ability to explore and enjoy the park.  Meandering sidewalks along adjacent roads maximize open space and create a ½ mile perimeter loop.  Internal paths connect the site’s amenities and weave through the diverse prairie and forested landscape.

A large multipurpose lawn area provides space for a variety of sports, field games and events.  The field is sized to allow informal pickup play and team practice as well as family outings and picnics.

The sport court contains a full-size high school basketball court as well as four square and hopscotch. With an adjacent sloping lawn and available power, the court can be used for community events such as movies or farmers markets. A very popular picnic shelter can be reserved for birthday parties and other family events.  

With a strong public desire for “retained wild areas”, the park was designed with a focus on native landscape preservation and restoration. All new plants in the park are native species. Structures and parking are clustered at the park core, leaving the reminder of the park as open space. The LID (low impact development) stormwater system utilizes native landscape areas to infiltrate all of the site’s runoff—eliminating costly & high maintenance detention facilities. Over time, areas with young trees will become reforested while other areas including the power line corridor will be mowed periodically to maintain a native prairie ecosystem. For more information please see our frequently asked questions.



The Miner’s Corner park property was acquired 2008.  The property was purchased and developed as partial mitigation for the Brightwater sewage treatment facility.  Planning for the park included community input through public meetings, a citizen advisory group, and an ADA advisory group.  Planning and construction document work was completed primarily by in-house Parks Department staff.

A construction groundbreaking ceremony was held on April 30, 2013 and the park was officially opened to the public on January 15, 2014.  The parks department partners with community groups including the Woodinville Lion’s Club to help maintain the park and complete ongoing site improvements.

Be aware, restrooms are open year-round but will be closed during periods of extreme cold.  No portable restrooms are in place at those times, so please plan accordingly.

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