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Logan Park


East Side of Play Structure (PDF)

Logan Park Construction FYI (PDF)

Logan Park Playground Features (PDF)

Logan Tower 2-0003 (PDF)

West Side of Play Structure (PDF)

Map of Park

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  1. Jogging Path
  2. Picnic Tables
  3. Playground
  4. Restrooms/Sanicans


The five-acre park is located at the corner of Logan Road and Locust way, north of the City of Brier in the area generally known as Alderwood. It includes a ballfield and a unique, landscaped playground that was completed in 2018. A paved walking / jogging path surrounds the park.  

Park History

The park was originally a sand and gravel pit and was developed during the 1970s with a parking lot, baseball field and play structures. The site was renovated in the mid-1990s with support from the immediate neighborhood.

Pervious Concrete

In the Fall of 2019 work began on replacing the parking lot surface with pervious concrete as part of a Low Impact Development (LID) retrofit of the park.  Pervious concrete allows storm water to infiltrate into the native soil.  Benefits include:

  • Eliminating of untreated storm water and creating zero runoff
  • Protection of streams, watersheds, and ecosystems
  • Mimicking  the drainage and filtration of bioswales and natural soils
  • Reducing surface temperatures and heat island effects