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Lake Stickney Community Park


Map - Lake Stickney 2021

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Lake Stickney Park is 24.5-acre park that preserves vital habitat at the northern headwaters of Swamp Creek.  The park contains diverse forest, wetland, stream, and open-water habitats for fish and wildlife.  Amenities include a playground, picnic tables, walking trails, parking, a portable restroom, and a fully-fenced off-leash dog area. 

Park History

Lake Stickney Park was acquired through multiple purchases made between 2008 & 2016. Acquisitions were completed with strong local support.  Community groups including the Lake Stickney Community Club and the Lake Stickney Conservancy played a vital role in the establishment of the park.  Acquisitions were funded by the county Conservation Futures Program and private party donations.  Following the acquisition, demolition of existing structures and extensive cleanup were performed on the site— with a significant amount of the cleanup work completed by volunteers and community partners.
Lake Stickney Pedestrian Improvements: To view pedestrian improvements to the Lake Stickney area, by the Public Works Department, click HERE

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