Chore / COPES / Medicaid Personal Care

These are state and federally funded programs that provide household and personal care services to enable clients to remain at home. Clients must be low-income and authorized to receive these services. Household services might include housekeeping and meal preparation. Personal care services might include help with walking, bathing, or eating. A person must need personal care services to receive household services.


Chore services provide assistance for people who need help with activities such as bathing, walking, eating, etc. Clients pay for these services according to their income, up to a predetermined amount. State funds provide the balance of the money.

Community Options Program Entry System

The Community Options Program Entry System (COPES) program provides help for people in their homes so they won't have to go into a nursing home. Clients may pay a portion of the cost of services, based on their income. State and federal funds provide the balance of the money.

Medicaid Personal Care

Medicaid Personal Care (MPC) provides people help with the activities of daily living (such as help with bathing or eating). It is paid for by state and federal money.

Additional Information

To inquire about receiving authorization for state-funded personal care services for adults 60 years of age or older, call Senior Information and Assistance at 425-513-1900 or toll-free at 800-422-2024. For adults, age 18 to 59, call your local DSHS Home & Community Services office:

  • Alderwood Office - 425-977-6530 or toll free at 800-780-7089
  • Everett Office - 425-339-4010 or toll free at 800-780-7094
  • Smokey Point Office - 360-651-6800 or toll free at 800-827-2984