Ultimate Capacity

Ultimate Capacity Determinations by County Council

SCC 30.66B.110 provides that “when the county council determines that excessive expenditure of public funds is not warranted for the purpose of making further improvements on certain arterial units, the county council may designate, by motion, following a public hearing, such arterial unit as being at ultimate capacity.”

SCC 30.66B.110(1)(a) provides that “designation of ultimate capacity shall include a commitment by the county to complete an access management and circulation plan for the arterial unit and a commitment by the county for specific, additional road improvements, Transportation System Management (TSM) actions, access management improvements, and/or Transportation Demand Management (TDM) actions for the purpose of improving efficiency, preserving roadway capacity, and improving operations. In addition, any known improvements needed to address safety issues must be identified in conjunction with such ultimate capacity designation.”