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Who We Are

The Snohomish County Advisory Council on Aging, mandated by the Older Americans Act of 1965, was established by Snohomish County as the Advisory Council to the County Executive and to the County's Human Services Department, Aging and Disability Services, Long Term Care and Aging (LTCA).

What We Do

 The purpose of the Council on Aging is to advise, assist, and advocate for older persons and those adults with disabilities in Snohomish County. We do this by:
  • Keeping the County Executive and other elected officials apprised of the concerns and needs of the older populations;
  • Assisting and guiding the work of the Long Term Care and Aging group in fulfilling its stated missions; and supporting ongoing evaluation of program services; and policy involved in the implementation of the Snohomish County Area Plan on Aging.

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Submitted by Mindy Taylor, Chair

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