SEPA Appeals

Appeals of a SEPA determination must be consolidated with the first public hearing on the related proposed project. The County Council has no authority to hear SEPA appeals.

Open Record Hearing Process

In most cases, the hearing is held before the county hearing examiner. Notice of the hearing is also published, posted, and sent by PDS to adjacent property owners and to all parties of record. The hearing examiner is an independent, quasi-judicial department of county government with the authority to review development applications for compliance with state and county laws and development codes.

Your last opportunity to be made a party of record is at the hearing examiner's public hearing.

Public testimony can be given at the hearing examiner’s public hearing. If you have not yet requested to be included as a party of record, your last opportunity to do so is to register at this public hearing. You can also write the hearing examiner before the hearing and request to be made a party of record. Your letter must be received before the hearing is over.

The hearing examiner’s decision is mailed to parties of record. View past hearing examiner decisions.

The hearing examiner’s decision in most cases may be appealed by any party of record (and only a party of record) to the County Council. Some hearing examiner decisions are appealable directly to Superior Court. In some cases, parties of record may be able to ask the hearing examiner to "reconsider" the decision before deciding whether or not to appeal. Information on the parameters and details of submitting such appeals is available at the PDS Permit and Information Center on the 2nd floor of the County Administration Building or by calling 425-388-3311.