Ending Homelessness Program

Homeless Housing Assistance Act

The 2005 session of the Washington State Legislature was a landmark year for moving forward with efforts to end homelessness in our state. The legislature passed ESSHB 2163, the Homeless Housing Assistance Act. This act establishes an ongoing funding source collected through a document recording fee. Funds collected are to be used for services, capital and operating needs specifically targeted at goals aimed at ending or preventing homelessness in Washington State under locally generated 10 Year Plans.

Everyone At Home NOW

In June of 2006, the Snohomish County Homeless Policy Task Force (HPTF) rolled out Everyone At Home NOW, A Strategy for Ending Homelessness in Snohomish County by 2016. The Snohomish County Council endorsed Everyone At Home NOW and staff members from the Office of Housing, Homelessness, and Community Development (OHHCD) in the Snohomish County Human Services Department, have been dedicated as support to ensure the goals of the plan are met. The primary recommendations of Everyone At Home NOW include:

  • Increase housing for the homeless by 2,500 new units over the next 10 years
  • Expand homeless prevention services
  • Develop a community wide access system that will minimize the duration and impact of homelessness and maximize collaborative resource allocation
  • Base the development of housing stock and services on demonstrated need and capacity data
  • Provide funding to maintain existing housing and services that demonstrate measurable outcomes and overall progress towards ending homelessness
  • Develop housing coupled with supportive services targeted for chronically homeless
  • Strengthen and develop the connection of mainstream resources to the issues of homelessness, including:
    • DSHS
    • DOC
    • Mental Health Systems
    • Drug and Alcohol Systems
    • Health Care
    • Employment
    • Mainstream services targeting veterans, persons with disabilities, and youth