Transportation Element

The Transportation Element (TE) of the Snohomish County Growth Management Act Comprehensive Plan (GMACP) is prepared in accordance with the GMA and the County’s General Policy Plan. The TE presents a plan for transportation facilities and services needed to support the county’s GMACP 2015-2035 future land use map (FLUM). The TE recommends specific arterial roadway projects for the unincorporated County in order to meet roadway capacity needs. The TE provides an estimate of needed expenditures, forecasted revenues, and a financial strategy that helps to ensure needed transportation improvements are funded. It also recommends various implementation strategies to guide the County in its participation in regional and multi-modal transportation.

The County Council adopted an updated TE June 2015 with an effective date of July 2, 2015. Snohomish County’s Traffic Mitigation and Concurrency Ordinance (Chapter 30.66B SCC) is in the process of being amended in order to implement the recommendations of the TE. Links to the Transportation Element and its maps are provided below.

Snohomish County Transportation Element