Lakes are a critical freshwater resource providing an array of recreational opportunities, valuable habitat for fish and wildlife, and tranquil beauty. Our geologic history has led this area to be rich in lakes with Snohomish County having over 400 lakes. While the majority are very small or located in the Cascade mountains, there are around 60 lakes located in the populated lowland areas. 

Lake Services

Snohomish County monitors water quality and provides support to lake residents and users to protect and improve lake health. Click on the topics below to learn more about your local lake and our services: 

Lake Health and Recreation
Aquatic Plants
Toxic Algae

newburstgold50_png Lake Loma Algae Control Plan Now Complete

Snohomish County developed this plan in coordination with community members in response to ongoing concerns of lake health. The goal of this plan is to provide the community with a road map to reduce phosphorus pollution, the underlying source of toxic algae blooms to the lake. Included in the plan are:

  • Major sources of phosphorus to the lake
  • Effective solutions to control the pollution and reduce toxic algae
  • Cost estimates and benefits of each option
  • Next steps for the lake community to implement the plan
Learn more on the Lake Loma webpage

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