Preventing Pollution

Car Care

Reduce vehicle contaminants that make their way into Puget Sound. Small actions help care for your car and protect Puget Sound and the iconic animals that call it home.

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Practice Natural Yard Care

The way you care for your yard and garden impacts Snohomish County's environment. Pesticides and chemical fertilizers can wash off lawns and pollute waterways. Prevent problems instead by practicing the five steps to natural yard care.

Scoop the Poop, Bag it & Put it in the Trash

Pet waste contains harmful bacteria, which can contaminate water and make people and pets sick. Landfills are designed to safely handle substances such as dog waste and cat litter. Do not place pet waste in yard waste bins or compost piles - these methods do not destroy harmful organisms. Learn more about preventing pollution from pet waste.

Septic System Care

A failing septic system can cost thousands of dollars to repair and can be a serious health risk to your family and pets. You can prevent this by properly caring for your septic system.