164th Street SE/SW, SR527 to I-5 - ADA Ramps and Paving


Completed August 2014

During the summer of 2014, eighty sidewalk ramps at 13 intersections were upgraded to meet revised Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards. The new ramps are designed to improve mobility for pedestrians, cyclists, and those with disabilities.

Granite Construction, working for the county and City of Mill Creek, paved 164th Street from just east of I-5 to SR 527 in Mill Creek. The asphalt pavement was cracked and rutted, and could no longer support heavy volumes of traffic. Crews ground down the top layer of asphalt, then repaved and re-striped the corridor. The new asphalt will reduce costly maintenance repairs and allow the road surface to last well into the future.

This project was planned in partnership with the City of Mill Creek and managed by Snohomish County Public Works.

164th & Meadow Road intersection BEFORE construction

164th & Meadow Rd before construction

164th & Meadow Road intersection AFTER construction

164th & Meadow Rd after construction