Inmate Rules & Rights

Shortly after arrival and booking, inmates will receive an inmate handbook. This handbook contains information about jail rules and services. Inmates are responsible for knowing the information in the handbook and abiding by all jail rules and policies.

In addition to the rules outlined in the handbook, inmates are expected to:

  • Follow all staff directives and requests immediately
  • Respect jail property and the property of others
  • Maintain daily personal hygiene habits
  • Behave in a cooperative and responsible manner
  • Report any emergencies to staff immediately

Failure to follow facility rules will result in departmental disciplinary action which could include time in disciplinary lockdown, loss of good time or, in serious cases, criminal charges.

Inmate Rights

Inmates have the following rights while in jail:

  • Access to the courts by letter or through their attorney
  • Confidential access to their attorney or legal assistance
  • Protection from abuse and corporal punishment
  • Freedom from discrimination based on race, sex or religion
  • Access to information on jail rules and regulations and consequences
  • Access to communication (mail, phone, and visits)
  • Access to basic medical care
  • Protection from sexual assault or harassment