Snohomish River Br 1 Scour Mitigation


Snohomish River Bridge 1 carries heavy traffic on Airport Way and Avenue D into the downtown center of Snohomish. The 360-foot-long steel bridge was built in 1983. Two of its in-water piers are subject to scour, which occurs when fast-moving waters remove sediment from a bridge foundation. Bridge 1 is considered a seismic lifeline route structure. Seismic lifeline routes are designated as essential to life safety services after seismic events. The project will add four new drilled shafts to address any scour and seismic issues.


Construction is anticipated to begin in 2025. 

Traffic Impact

During construction, short term closures are anticipated. This page will be updated with more information as traffic plans are finalized. 


The project is being funded by the Federal Highways Bridge Program.