Snohomish River Trail: Phase 1 (Everett – Snohomish)

Updated 2/9/24

Snohmish River Regional Trail Aerial
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Snohomish County Parks, in partnership with the City of Everett, is planning to develop the Snohomish River Trail, a new regional trail, eventually planned to connect the City of Everett to the City of Monroe. Phase 1 of this project will connect the City of Everett to the City of Snohomish. This approximately 5.5-mile regional trail link will provide a critical east-west link between the future Centennial Trail South extension to the east and the Everett trail system and the Interurban Trail to the west. 

Project Background

An east-west link between the City of Everett and the City of Snohomish is critical in Snohomish County’s regional trail network. It has been included in Parks and County planning documents since 1986.

In 2020, the county purchased, with Conservation Futures Program funding, much of the former Puget Sound Energy corridor for the development of a multi-use trail as a likely alignment for the Snohomish River Trail Phase 1. This alignment will be evaluated as part of the preliminary design. In partnership with Everett, the county will secure the rest of the corridor alignment based on the publicly vetted schematic design.


Current StatusWork Completed
  • This project is in the early stages, exploring options for alignment of the trail corridor and beginning studies of the site for feasibility. 
  • Planning and preliminary design for this project began in January 2023. 

What's Next?

  • A consultant team will be hired in 2024 to support Snohomish County and the City of Everett in the design and implementation of the trail.
  • Parks will pursue a grant to augment existing funding for trail planning and design.


Upcoming Public OutreachPast Public Outreach
We will post information about upcoming public meeting here in the future.


  • Planning & Preliminary Design: 2023-2024
  • Design: 2024-2026
  • Construction: 2027-2028

This schedule is conceptual and will evolve through the design process. The process of developing trail projects takes several years. Many factors must be considered, including the influence of and impact on adjacent properties; public right-of-way; stormwater runoff, drainage, and water quality; wetlands and buffers; streams and rivers; sight distance; soils; traffic volumes; accident history; vehicle and pedestrian access; location of utilities; and information that residents provide about the area.


Funds have been secured to conduct site studies and complete a preliminary design for the entire corridor. Additional funding will be needed to complete the technical design and for the construction of the corridor. Parks will pursue a grant to augment existing funding for trail planning and design.


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