Funding the Plan

Washington State Department of Ecology Aquatic Plant Control Grants - the County was awarded a $75,000 grant  will help fund work over two years starting in July 2023. The grant requires a 25% match from the applicant. View the grant application

Lake Roesiger Aquatic Plant Service Charge - In 2022, Snohomish County Council passed a five year service charge (2023-2028) for aquatic plant control that will be paid by local residents each year to fund the plan implementation (SCC25.20.053) . View your parcel in the Service Charge Area Map

Snohomish County Surface Water Management  (SWM) - SWM staff will manage the project including grant and contract management and coordination with members of the Lake Roesiger area community. 

Use the Interactive Service Charge Area Map to View Your Parcel

Map of Roesiger Aquatic Plant Charge Area