Index-Galena Rd - MP 5.8 - Slide Repair

August 25, 2014 Update

The slide has been repaired, and both travel lanes are open. Only one lane was available while the road was damaged. Scarsella Brothers, Inc.repaired the slide.

Index-Galena Rd MP 5.8 BEFORE construction

Index-Galena Rd MP 5.8 before construction

Index-Galena Rd MP 5.8 AFTER construction

Index-Galena Rd MP 5.8 after construction


Index-Galena Road is located along the Skykomish River in the Mount Baker – Snoqualmie National Forest in southeast Snohomish County. During a storm event in the spring of 2011 a landslide occurred at mile post 5.8 outside the Town of Index. The landslide was approximately 160 feet along the roadside shoulder.

During 2014 a Public Works project stabilized the roadway embankment with construction of a 160-foot long by 40-foot wide railroad buttress. A railroad ballast foundation was installed with layers of geogrid to provide stability. Several finger drains (trench drains) were constructed of railroad ballast (rock) at the base of the proposed buttress to help direct water away from the slide. The slope was covered with mulch and topsoil, and seeded with a native planting mixture.

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