C-PACER Process

Documents Required to Apply for the C-PACER Program

All applicants are encouraged to review this Program Guide, the Project Application Checklist (Attachment 1), and the other attachments to ensure that the types of information the County will rely upon to process the Application are present in the completed Application.

The Program Guide contains eight attachments that must be prepared during the course of this process:

Application Documents:

Download the application documents above, fill them out, and submit them for review here

Closing Documents:

  • Assessment Agreement for C-PACER Financing (Attachment 5)
  • Notice of Assessment Interest and C-PACER Lien (Attachment 6)
  • Assignment of Notice of Assessment Interest and C-PACER Lien and Assessment Agreement (Attachment 7)
  • Application fee is paid

Post-Construction Certification:

  • Certificate of C-PACER Improvements Completion (Attachment 8)