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Snohomish County maintains a Natural Yard Care webpage with additional resources.

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Tips for a Sustainable Garden

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Washington State University Extension Publications

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Snohomish County Master Gardener Hotline & Diagnostic Clinic can answer plant problem questions at (425) 357-6010 or via email at snocomg@gmail.com 

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El cuidado natural del jardín Opens in new window El cuidado natural del jardín (Ciudad de Seattle)
Malezas Nocivas Opens in new windowMalezas Nocivas
(Estado de Washington)
Cultivo de Hortzlizas en el oeste de Washington Opens in new windowCultivo de Hortalizas en el oeste de Washington (Ciudad de Seattle)Guía de malas hierbas (Condado de King) Opens in new windowMalas Hierbas Nocivas
(Condado de King)
Hogweed Opens in new windowGiant hogweed (Condado de King) loostrife Opens in new windowPurple loostrife (Condado de King) RagwortTansy ragwort (Condado de King) 
Formato de evaluacion de jardineria sostenible Opens in new windowFormato de evaluación de jardinería sostenibleMonitoreo de Jardin Opens in new windowMonitoreo de Jardines

Workshop Handouts

View handouts from each workshop at the RainScaping Expo

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10:30 a.m.Rain Garden ImageRain Gardens: Will One Work on My Property?
Discover how to know whether a rain garden will work on your site.
Landscaping ImagePlants for Wet Areas
Turn your squishy area into an attractive garden with plants that thrive in wet areas
11:30 a.m.Rain Barrel Image #1Rain Barrels & Cisterns
Capture rainwater from your roof to water your yard.
Compost Image #1Mulch Matters
Discover best mulches for less weeds, less watering, and healthier plants.
12:30 p.m.Compost Image #2Soil, Mulch & Compost - The Easy RainScaping Solution
Improve your soil to help rainwater soak in, prevent weeds, and grow a healthy yard.
Rain Barrel Image #2Barriles de Lluvia para Cultivar Comestibles 
Aprender como acumular agua de lluvia para cultivar plantas comestibles. 
1:30 p.m.Lawn Alternatives Image #1RainScaping Solutions that Attract Pollinators
Learn how to select attractive plants that pollinators love!
Underground Infiltration ImageSoil Infiltration: The Key to Rain Garden Success
Determine if your soil is suitable for a rain garden
2:30 p.m.Lawn Alternatives Image #2Lawns to Lettuce
Transform your lawn into an edible landscape or vegetable garden!
Rain Barrel Image #3Rain Barrel Installation
Discover tips and techniques of installing a rain barrel 

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