Salary and Benefits

What salary and benefits can I expect?

As a government agency, salaries are set by the county and by union contracts. We cannot offer a salary outside the advertised range in any circumstance.

After hire, salary increases come from salary step increases or COLA (Cost of Living Adjustments), which are negotiated between union and management.  Some positions have 5 salary steps providing a 5% annual increase; management exempt positions have 15 salary steps providing a 2.5% increase up to twice per year.

County benefits include medical and dental insurance (some plans with no employee-paid premium available), Public Employee Retirement System (PERS) contributions, deferred compensation, flexible spending accounts, and life insurance. There are 11 paid holidays for County employees, along with vacation and sick leave.  Management / exempt employees receive annual paid time off (PTO), along with paid holidays.

Please log on to the county website for detailed information about benefits.