Trafton Floodplain Restoration

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Snohomish County Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) and the Stillaguamish Tribe are partnering on a floodplain restoration project at Trafton. This project is connected to a larger effort by the tribe to restore reach-scale river processes and salmon habitat on the lands they own at Trafton. 

The project footprint will include work on both the tribe's and county’s property and will prioritize floodplain restoration and protecting the Whitehorse Trail, which runs adjacent to the project area, from future erosion and avulsion impacts.

Due to the dynamics of the North Fork Stillaguamish, there is risk to the Whitehorse Trail and the trestle bridge at the south end of the county’s property. Based on current predictions, it is inevitable impact will occur in the hay field between the river and the trail, threatening the future stability of the trail and bridge. The county and Stillaguamish Tribe partnering on this project offers a proactive approach to preserving the Whitehorse Trail and an exciting opportunity to increase salmon habitat and floodplain storage.


Updated 3/10/23

Thank you to everyone who participated in and provided feedback through our 3 public meetings and 3 online surveys! For a copy of the presentations and survey responses, please see “Documents” below.


The county and tribe have completed the conceptual design, where the team explored options for restoration. The potential project footprints ranged from working only on the tribe’s property at Trafton to expanding the restoration into part of Trafton Trailhead Park. Incorporating feedback from the public outreach process, consensus between the county, tribe, and the community was to maximize new side channel habitat, floodplain habitat, protection of the Whitehorse Trail, and recreation opportunities. 

The team is now developing construction documents of the preferred design, working towards 60% design, and submitting for permits in Summer 2023.

Trafton Floodplain Overview Graphic


  • Funding was awarded for preliminary design from the Salmon Recovery Funding Board.
  • Funding was awarded for design, permitting and construction from a Pacific Salmon Treaty Orca Recovery Habitat grant.


Surface Water Management

Kit Crump

Supervisor, Floodplain Services

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Stillaguamish Tribe

Jason Griffith

Environmental Program Manager

Parks & Recreation
Emily Griffith
Senior Park Planner

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