Tips and Ideas for Applicants

What tips and ideas can you provide for applicants?

We are always happy to receive applications for our open positions. Here are some things to consider as you apply for a job with Superior Court.

1. Spend some time reading the background information about the job before you apply, and look at the salary and job description. It isn’t a good use of your time to apply if you aren’t sure you’d want to job, even if it was offered to you.   

2. Once you’re sure you want the job, gather all your personal information. You’ll need to ask previous or current supervisors or co-workers to be your references, and it’s good to do that before you list their names as references in your application. We do not follow up on personal references, so be sure the references you list have first-hand knowledge of your work.

3. Be sure to fill out the whole application. Don’t rely on a resume, as we don’t usually request or require resumes. We need the information in the same format for every candidate, and we use the application for that purpose. We know it’s sometimes tedious, but once you fill out the application you can use it if you need it in the future for other applications.

4. If there are essay questions on the application, be sure to write an essay! This is your chance to tell us more about yourself and your thoughts. It’s easiest to do your writing in Word or another software product, so you can spell check your work, then copy and paste it into the application. Be sure to use your thoughts; don’t copy/paste from internet sources unless you cite them.

5. Once you’ve sent in your application, pay attention to your emails. We always email you to let you know if you have an interview, and there’s a time limit for responding to us.

6. If you have questions about the application process, you can email us at We’ll do our best to help.