Which job might be right for me?

Think about location

Superior Court has two locations in Everett, Washington. The main courthouse is at the Snohomish County campus on Rockefeller and Oakes, and the juvenile courthouse is at Denney Juvenile Justice Center (DJJC) at 10th and Pine. 

The main courthouse is easily accessible by public transit, and an ORCA pass is available with County employment. Employees pay for parking on site.

At DJJC, parking is free, and public transit stops are a few blocks away. 

In some jobs, you may have the option for telework a few days per week. At this time, the Court does not have any fully remote jobs.  Most jobs require you to be on site, especially when you’re first learning your job.

Think about work hours

Your schedule is based on the type of work you will do.  Most court employees work 8AM-5PM, Monday through Friday.  Employees who work in the juvenile detention facility at DJJC may work daytime, afternoon, evening, or overnight shifts, and employees are needed to cover 7 days a week and holidays. Employees who provide direct services to youth may have scheduled work days on Saturday and Sunday during the day.


Think about the type of work.

Court employees may serve the public, or work with judges, juries in the courtroom, or work with court-involved youth and families, or work in secure detention. Take a moment to review the types of jobs within Superior Court here.