2 - Evaluate Your Site

To find the best RainScaping solutions for your property, conduct a simple do-it-yourself evaluation of runoff around your home. The evaluation will consist of some background research and a tour of your property on a rainy day to record your observations.

Your observations will include how runoff is currently handled, where runoff is going, and where there might be potential for using a new RainScaping solution that will "SLOW it, SPREAD it, and SINK It." Make it fun - the kids can don their rubber boots and join you!

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Does your RainScaping project need a permit?

Below are a few questions to ask yourself before planning a project to see if you may need a permit. These are fully explored in Step 8 of 'Evaluating Your Site' in the RainScaping Guide. Always check with Snohomish County Planning and Development Services (PDS) to determine if a permit is necessary for your project.

  • Are you working near roadways?
  • Does your home connect to a neighborhood stormwater system?
  • Is your project large?
  • Is your project in a Critical Area?

Depending upon the size and specific location of your project, some RainScaping solutions may require permits from Snohomish County or other groups. For example, permits are likely to be required if work is to take place near wetlands, lakes, streams, rivers and marine areas.

Some site conditions may also make it difficult or impossible to use certain RainScaping solutions. For example, problematic areas include properties that are on steep slopes, have areas highly susceptible to erosion, or are prone to flooding or landslides. 

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