Granite Falls Bridge 102 Replacement

November 2021 Update

The Granite Falls Bridge 102 Replacement project is one of four Washington projects to receive funding from the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Rebuilding America’s Infrastructure with Sustainability and Equity (RAISE) grant program. The $22.1 million RAISE grant for Bridge 102 is the largest award in Washington state. The Granite Falls Bridge Replacement project is now fully funded and staff are working on environmental and design with construction targeted in 2026.

An Important Economic Corridor

Granite Falls Bridge 102 is the gateway to an important economic and recreational corridor. It spans the Stillaguamish River approximately 1.5 miles northeast of downtown Granite Falls, and is part of the 52-mile Mountain Loop Scenic Byway between Granite Falls and Darrington.

The bridge and corridor provide access to homes, sand and gravel quarries, and logging operations as well as many square miles of hiking, camping, and other outdoor recreation activities. The Granite Falls Bridge is part of a larger program to increase freight mobility and capacity through the area.

Phase I: Granite Falls Alternate Route or Quarry Road

On November 19, 2010, a 1.9-mile truck route that diverts freight traffic around downtown Granite Falls was completed. The new alternative route has three roundabouts in contrast to three stop signs and one traffic signal on the old route. Truckers save time and gas on this new route, reduce engine emissions and experience a smoother ride, while Granite Falls residents and visitors now enjoy a safer, and pedestrian-friendlier, downtown.

Phase II: Bridge Replacement

The existing bridge is 340-feet long and 20-feet wide. The new bridge will increase the length to 406-feet long and 30-feet wide with room for sidewalks. The wider and longer design will met current bridge standards and allow motorists, bicycles and pedestrians a safer route of travel.

Traffic Impact

The proposed plan is to construct a new bridge just west (on the downstream side) of the existing bridge. The current bridge will remain in place to provide for traffic corridor needs throughout the new construction. Residents and businesses near the project site will be notified of any expected traffic impacts when design and construction plans are more developed.


  • ROW Phase: Completed 2017
  • Milestone 30% design: Completed 2017
  • Environmental and final design: 2021-2025
  • Construction: 2026