Snohomish County Pandemic Recovery Outreach & Priorities 

Recovery Roadshow

In February 2022, ORR launched a countywide community engagement effort to guide investment strategies for the County’s remaining ARPA funding. The goal was to get a clear set of pandemic recovery priorities from the community to directly inform all programs and spending decisions.

The engagement effort involved a three-pronged approach to ensure widespread coverage across the county:

  • Prong One: Facilitated recovery discussions with community leaders who either represent or serve populations and issues most impacted by the pandemic.
  • Prong Two: One-on-one meetings with leadership from 17 Snohomish County cities and towns.
  • Prong Three: Five in-person Recovery Roadshows where residents could vote on and then discuss top pandemic recovery priorities.

After hundreds of conversations and engagements, ORR identified the following as overall community pandemic recovery priorities:

Recovery Priorities

You can review the full report here. It includes a summary of overall priorities and potential solutions to key issues, as well as comprehensive notes on the facilitated recovery discussions, mayor meetings, and Roadshows.

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