Vehicle Impounds

Any person seeking to redeem an impounded vehicle has a right to a hearing in the district or municipal court for the jurisdiction in which the vehicle was impounded to contest the validity of the impoundment or the amount of the towing and/or storage charges.

The tow truck operator shall give written notice of the right of redemption of the vehicle or item of personal property and opportunity for a hearing, accompanied by a form for requesting a hearing. Any request for hearing must be made in writing on the form provided by the tow truck operator and received by the court within 10 days of the date the opportunity was provided.

Fee & Hearing Request Timeline

The filing fee for an impound hearing is $83. Payment may be made in the form of cash, personal check, money order, and credit or debit card. If the hearing request is not received by the court within the 10 day period the right to a hearing is waived and the registered owner is liable for any towing, storage, or other impoundment charges.

Upon receipt of a timely hearing request, the court will notify the requestor in writing of the hearing date and time.