Small Claims

Everett Division Small Claims Transfer

Pursuant to Administrative Order 23-02, Returning Small Claims to Everett Division, the Directive issued December 19, 2017 transferring Small Claims matters from Everett Division to the Cascade and Everett Division is rescinded effective November 1, 2023.  

Who Can Sue & Be Sued

Any individual may bring a small claims suit for recovery of money where the amount claimed does not exceed $10,000.  A business, partnership, or corporation may bring a small claims suit for recovery of money only where the amount claimed does not exceed $5,000. Attorneys and paralegals are excluded from appearing or participating with the plaintiff or defendant in a small claims suit unless the judge grants advance permission.

Dispute Resolution Services

When you file a small claims in the Cascade, Everett, Evergreen, or South divisions you will participate in a mediation hearing at the Courthouse prior to scheduling a trial date. Volunteers of America Dispute Resolution Center provide trained mediators who assist in the settlement of a wide variety of disputes. To learn more about preparing for your mediation hearing, please visit the Dispute Resolution Center.

Legal Advice

Court personnel are not permitted to give legal advice (PDF) as to any aspect of the case. It is against the law for them to do so. They will provide the Notice of Small Claim and certain other basic forms, they will file these, and set a date for a trial. They cannot complete the forms for the plaintiff and they cannot answer legal questions or give advice as to the conduct of the case.

While an attorney is not permitted to represent either party at the trial, an attorney may provide either party with assistance in preparing a case and/or in collecting any judgment which may be obtained.


Most of the information for this section was taken directly from a publication produced by the state Office of the Administrator of the Courts and modified to reflect the circumstances of Snohomish County. View the state brochure in its entirety.

Small Claims Forms