SWM Services / Contacts

COVID-19 Response

Snohomish County offices reopened on July 6, 2021 with limited in-person services. Due to limited staff in the SWM office, we recommend the public contact us by phone (425-388-3464) or email (surfacewater@snoco.org) to discuss your issue or to set up an in-person meeting.

TopicContactPhone NumberEmail
Drainage Investigations (view request form)Drainage Investigations Team425-388-3464Email Drainage Investigations Team
Drainage ProblemsWatershed Steward425-388-6467Email Surface Water Management
Flood Warning Recordings: Snohomish, Skykomish,
and Snoqualmie Rivers
Flood Watch / Warning Information425-388-3653Email Surface Water Management
Flood Warning Recordings: Stillaguamish RiverFlood Watch / Warning Information425-388-3702Email Surface Water Management
Native Plant SalvageWatershed Steward425-388-6462N/A
River Flooding Information (real-time flood information, Flood Safety Guide)Surface Water425-388-3464Email Surface Water Management
River Management and Bank ErosionSurface Water425-388-3464Email Surface Water Management
Service ChargesUtility Billing425-388-6474Email Surface Water Management
Watershed StewardsSurface Water425-388-3464Email Surface Water Management
Water Quality Violations (view complaint form)Water Quality Compliant Line425-388-6481N/A
24-Hour Spill LineDepartment of Ecology425-649-7000N/A