Marriage Licenses

Congratulations on your upcoming marriage! Applying for and picking up your marriage license is quick and easy.

To become legally married in Washington state, you must:

  1. Apply for and receive a marriage license through Snohomish County Recording at least 3 days before your ceremony
  2. Participate in a civil or religious ceremony in Washington State
  3. Complete and return the Department of Health Certificate of Marriage

3-Day Waiting Period, 60-Day Expiration


Note: Washington state law requires a three-day (3) waiting period before you can get married. Marriage licenses are valid for 60 days after the three-day waiting period. The three-day waiting period cannot be waived under any circumstance, including a court order.

When should I obtain my marriage license?

Don't wait until the last minute! Enter the date of your ceremony to see when you should obtain your marriage license:

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  1. Step 1. Get a marriage license
  2. Step 2. Have the ceremony
  3. 3. Complete and return certificate


Option 1

Apply Online/In person

The fastest way to receive a marriage license is to submit your application online, then pick up and pay for your license in person at least 3 days before the ceremony.

  1. Fill out an online marriage license application at least 3 days before the ceremony here.
    • Make note of your confirmation number. You will need it to complete step 2.
  2. Visit the Snohomish County Customer Service Center in person to complete the process. 
    • No appointment is needed, but both parties must be present unless one party has already signed the application in front of a notary.
  3. Sign your completed application and pay the $70.00 fee by cash, check, money order, or card.
  4. Recording staff will give you your marriage license, a Certificate of Marriage, and an information packet.
    • Once you have received your marriage license, your ceremony must take place within 60 days after Recording issued your marriage license. The license is also not valid until three days after being issued.

Start Online Application


Option 2

Apply by mail

Approximate processing time: two weeks. We recommend submitting your completed application and payment at least three weeks before your marriage ceremony in order to receive the marriage license by that date.

  1. Download the Marriage License Application (PDF)
  2. The application is a fillable form. Please type your information into the fields provided. If you are unable to complete the top portion of the form electronically, please write legibly using blue or black ink.
  3. Print the application, then sign it in front of a notary and have them sign and attach their seal.
  4. Include a check, money order, or cashier’s check for $70.00, payable to the Snohomish County Auditor. Write your current phone number on the memo line or next to your name.
  5. Mail the completed application and fee to:
    Snohomish County Recording
    3000 Rockefeller Ave M/S 204
    Everett, WA 98201
  6. Snohomish County Recording will process your application and mail you your marriage license, a Certificate of Marriage, and an information packet.